Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.
1A’s class teacher is Miss Morris and she is supported by Mrs Logue.
1J’s class teacher is Miss Ultrilla and she is supported by Mrs Peters.
In Year 1 we are going to study some exciting topics that will enhance the children’s development in all areas of the curriculum.  
The topics to be covered are as followed:
Autumn: first half term – To infinity and beyond
Second half term – Camelot
Spring: first half term – Our seasons
Second half term – Superheroes to the rescue
Summer: first half term – Paws, claws and whiskers
Second half term – Growing
There is a big focus on handwriting in Year 1 and all children are encouraged to write in the correct cursive form. We are also focussing on the correct number formation.
Reading books will be changed twice a week and your child will have a changing day and a reading day. We promote a love for reading in Year 1 and ask that you read and enjoy books with your child. It is important that your child is asked questions whilst they are reading – to increase their comprehension knowledge and to segment and blend words using their phonics.
Quick reminder: All homework must be returned by Wednesday and new homework is given out on a Friday.
Library books must be returned before Friday. â€‹
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