Welcome from the staff and children of Sacred Heart School! There are over 400 children and more than 60 staff here who are all "Learning together in God's Love". We aim to give all our children a great start in life by fostering a love of learning and a desire to be the best they can in whatever they do.
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  • 10:44 AM - Tue 13 October Download Parent Ping free here:
  • 10:00 AM - Fri 9 October Today marks one year since St John Henry Newman was canonised. He was an influential cardinal, theologian and poet. He is the patron Saint of poets. Perhaps find some time today to read one of his poems.
  • 10:00 AM - Fri 2 October ‘Remember that you have an angel as a companion, guardian and friend’ – St John Bosco
  • 10:02 AM - Tue 29 September Pope Francis explained the importance of the Archangels on their feast day in 2017: ‘Michael defends us, Gabriel gives us the good news and Raphael takes us by the hand and walks with us; he helps us with the many things that occur along the journey’
  • 01:33 PM - Fri 25 September If your child is unwell, but isn’t displaying any of the three coronavirus symptoms, there’s no need to book a test. After they’ve recovered, they can return straight back to school.
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