Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Mr Platon is the teacher in 4J.

Mrs Durkin and Ms Giannotto are the teachers in 4A.

Mr Paratusic and Mrs Prior are the Teaching Assistants who will be working between the year group.


In Maths, this term we will be looking at Multiplication and  Division and Measurements, Fractions and Decimals and Area. We will continue with the Singapore Maths Method, using a Concrete-Pictorial- Abstract approach. The use of word problems will encourage your children to use high-order thinking techniques and applied skills in their work.


In English, as the class read texts, we will use the material to explore vocabulary, language, imagery and literary techniques. We look at the grammar used and they will use this as a prompt for their own creative writing later on. Some of the texts we will be looking at this term are 'The Matchbox Diaries’ and 'The Miraculous Story of Edward Tulane.'


In RE we will be covering a different topic each half term, covering 'People of Prayer' and Lent and Easter.

We encourage the children to read daily and take some responsibility for commenting on what they have read in their reading records but do ask that you sign it every night. Please listen to your child read as well as reading to your child. It is important to discuss the books they are reading by asking relevant questions.


In History this term we will be studying the impact of the Anglo-Saxons on Britain. In Geography, we will be studying our local area and comparing it to another area in the country.


Each week, the children will receive either maths or English homework. Occasionally, the homework may relate to 'Topic' or R.E. work we are covering. Alongside this, there will be weekly spellings and times tables to learn (in preparation for the national times tables assessments) using 'Times Tables Rockstars'. Your children have been given their login details.


Spellings will be given out with the homework and your child will be tested the following on Tuesday.



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