Year 4

Hello and welcome to Year 4!

In 4J Miss Friend is the class teacher. In 4A Mrs Johnston and Ms Giannotto are the class teachers. Mrs Madden and Mrs Moran are the teaching assistants and support children across the Year group.

Year 4 is an exciting year! We study interesting topics such as The Romans, The Anglo Saxons and Electricity. We will go on some great trips and have swimming and tennis lessons too! We have high expectations of the children in Year 4 and expect a positive attitude to learning at all times.  

Learning in Year 4 – Spring Term

In Maths, we will start the term revising Multiplication and Division and then begin Length & Perimeter, Fractions and Decimals.The children will be multiplying and dividing using 3 digit numbers and using efficient methods. During measurement lessons, they will learn about equivalent lengths about rectilinear shapes. Our fractions lessons cover partitioning a mixed number and converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. At the end of the term we begin our topic on decimals where we revisit the place value chart placing tenths and hundredths as decimals on the number line. 

In English, we are very excited to be studying a film clip called The Present. Here the children will learn how to describe character's feelings by using body language; showing not telling. After this Year 4 will begin The Boy Who Grew Dragons. The children will write two gripping and creative character descriptions. They will use figurative language, adjectives, adverbs, speech, vocabulary and imagery to describe the physical appearance, actions and personality of the main characters of Tomas and Flicker bringing them to life.

In RE, we will be learning about the context of the Book of Exodus and the significance of the Passover in the Exodus story. 

In Science, we will be learning about Healthy Eating and Teeth. We will be identifying simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and construct and interpret a variety of food chains identifying producers, predators and prey.

In History, we will learn about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. 

In Geography, we will studying rainforests, where the children will be reading maps and locating rainforests using an atlas. 


Reading Records

We encourage the children to read daily and take some responsibility for commenting on what they have read in their reading records but do ask that you sign it. Please listen to your child read as well as reading to your child. It is important to discuss the books they are reading by asking relevant questions. Each child will be given a reading day when their reading record should be brought to school to be checked by an adult. Each child will also have the opportunity to read in class on their reading record day.


Homework will be handed out on Thursday and is due in on Wednesdays.  On your homework you will find a range of maths, English and other activities. 

A typical day in Year 4

8:50 Drop off at the KS2 gates

9:00 Assembly

9.30-10.30 – Maths lessons

10.30 – 10.50 – Playtime- children can bring in a healthy snack.

10-50-11.30 – Handwriting/Spelling/Guided Reading

11.30-12.30 – English lessons

12.30 – 1.25 Lunchtime

1.25- 3.20 – RE/History/Geography/Computing/Art/DT/PSHE/PE/Science lessons

3.20 - Home time

Key Days

Tuesday – Art with Mrs Narduzzo

Tuesday - Indoor P.E

Wednesday -  PE with Non Stop Action and Music

Friday - Library and French

If you have any questions about Year Four, please do get in touch with our Year Four team.

Miss Friend, Mrs Johnston and Ms Giannotto


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