Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers,

During this difficult and unprecedented time while schools are closed we will be providing you with work that can be completed at home.  We will upload an English and a maths task each day.  We have also sent home the SATs buster books (which have 10 minute tests in them) to children who were in school last week.  We recommend encouraging children to complete one test each day, making sure to rotate which book they are working in. 

It is also extremely important that children are reading every day and keeping a record in their reading record books by writing about what they have read.  We have uploaded a list of classic stories that you may wish to choose from. Children could also be revising their times tables and we have provided a Maths revision booklet which has revision notes and practise questions to complete as well as an index of maths terms.

We have also uploaded a DT project booklet for your children to work through over the course of the time they are off.  They will be planning, designing and making a model of a UK landmark.

We also appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy so we also have some websites that you can access which have online learning activities to keep your child learning independently:

  • Classroom Secrets Kids (
    • 6A username -  1137556a Password – 6A
    • 6J username – 1137556j Password – 6J
    • Times table rock stars

In addition we have some practical ideas which you might want to do at home:

  • Follow a recipe and devise a ratio for the relationship between different ingredients - Encourage children to look at the proportions of the ingredients.
  • Design a suit to protect people against Coronavirus.  Write about and describe its feature - Encourage children to find out some information about the disease and how it is transmitted. They can then use this knowledge to design their suit.
  • Watch your favourite film and write a review for a film streaming service - Encourage the use of superlatives and emotive language in recommending the film in an attempt to get others to watch it.
  • Create a comic strip biograph on your favourite sports star or celebrity - Encourage the children to conduct some research into the star and to make notes using bullet points. Think about the structure of the comic and whether it flows.
  • Write a review of a book you have recently read - Encourage children to use descriptive language to describe the story.
  • Spend 5 minutes each day writing a diary entry - Encourage the children to write a recount of the day or the previous day using the correct tense, and use figurative language where possible.



We hope you find all of the activities useful and that you and your families remain well during this time. 

Kind regards and stay safe,

Mrs Harrington and Miss Loughlin


Page Downloads Date  
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Tuesday 31.3 English 30th Mar 2020 Download
Tuesday 31.3 Maths 30th Mar 2020 Download
Wednesday 1.4 English 31st Mar 2020 Download
Wednesday 1.4 Maths 31st Mar 2020 Download
Thursday 2.4 English 01st Apr 2020 Download
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Friday 3.4 English 02nd Apr 2020 Download
Friday 3.4 Maths 02nd Apr 2020 Download
Maths SATs Buster Book Answers 03rd Apr 2020 Download
Reading SATs Buster Book Answers 03rd Apr 2020 Download
Grammar SATs Buster Book Answers 03rd Apr 2020 Download
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