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The Reverend Marcus Stock writes:

A Catholic School, should:

  • Aim to provide an excellent broad balanced education to help children and young people grow to their full human potential and pay regard to the formation of the whole person, so ‘that all may attain their eternal destiny and at the same time promote the common good of society’ (Code of Canon Law, Can 795)
  • Serve the human person and society by inviting students to: find meaning in their lives through forming a spirituality based on a mature relationship with Almighty God; form personal values, rooted in the Gospel of Christ and expressed in the teachings of the Catholic Church, which will enable them to develop an understanding of their communal obligations, personal aspirations and their roles as citizens in society and the world.” (Christ at the Centre, Diocesan Schools Commission 2005)

Through the curriculum we offer, the teaching and pastoral support we give to all our students and by working in partnership with parents, families and Parishes we aim to keep Christ at the centre of all we do.

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