Welcome from the staff and children of Sacred Heart School! There are over 400 children and more than 60 staff here who are all "Learning together in God's Love". We aim to give all our children a great start in life by fostering a love of learning and a desire to be the best they can in whatever they do.
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  • 02:54 PM - Thu 13 May Congratulations on completing your pilgrimage to the Cathedral. Seriously impressive in this weather!☔️👏
  • 02:49 PM - Thu 13 May Here are our top 5 tips for connecting with nature for 🌤️💐🦆 Of course is important every day, not just this week. Remember that interacting with the natural world can continue to benefit mental wellbeing 🧡
  • 01:58 PM - Thu 13 May 'Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation!' Today as we celebrate the of Jesus, let our hearts ascend with him. Though it may seem that we are separated, in Christ our humanity is brought to the heights of God. 📸
  • 09:42 AM - Thu 13 May The weather stopped FS and KS1 processing outside, but Our Lady was still honoured with beautiful flowers.
  • 09:33 AM - Tue 11 May What a beautiful morning for our KS2 May Procession!
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