Coming Reception 2020 / 2021

Powerpoint Presentation  - 1 July 2020


Dear Parents,

As you are all aware, we have had to make some changes to our induction process in response to Covid-19. We so appreciate your patience in this regard and know that you will be anxious to have more information.  

We had initially booked our introductory meeting for Wednesday the 1st July 2020 but as you will be aware, we are unable to safely deliver this meeting in school.  We have instead, uploaded a narrated PowerPoint Presentation (below) and ask that you go through this presentation, listening to the audio as you do.  

Should you have any further questions following this, please email your questions, along with your child’s name to

Thank you,  EYFS Team



Presentation 1 -  Welcome to FS and Meet the Teacher

Presentation 2 - The Curriculum part 1

Presentation 3 - The Curriculum part 2

Presentation 4 - Extra information

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